Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is MEDIFE? 

We are a recognized chapter of the MEDLIFE Movement, to learn more click here,

MEDLIFE aims to empower those in their fight for accessible healthcare, education, and a safe home in various remote, low-income communities in South America & Africa, as well as in our local Columbus area.

MEDLIFE stands for:  Medicine,  Education, and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere

How Does Medlife Support Sustainable Care? 

MEDLIFE is different from other organizations because our brigades are not one-time visits to communities that are then left abandoned. We support our communities by providing local healthcare providers, long-term partnering, and follow-up care within our mobile clinics. 

Do I Have To Be Pre-Med? 

Not at all! Our members have diverse career goals. We support these goals by hosting frequent speakers from all different healthcare realms. No matter your career path, MEDLIFE Is a great place to meet other students, learn about a range og aspects of healthcare, volunteer, and gain mentors. 

How Can I Join MEDLIFE?

Visit Our  How To Join  Page 

Where Do I Pay My Dues? 

Each semester pay $10 to our Finance Coordinator via Venmo, Cash, or Check. 

Venmo: @BrysonVogel

What Are MedPoints? How many do I have?

Get points for being involved in MEDLIFE through: 

Track Your MedPoints HERE

Where can I send my ideas for the club?

Click Here!

How Can I Join The Executive Board? 

We always look for dedicated members to join our executive board. You must be an active member to join our executive board. We use a system called "medpoints" to track our members activity within our organization.  Once you are an active member, keep an eye out for the executive board applications and interviews.